Least painful place to get a tattoo

According to my experiences and those of my customers, the outer forearm and the outer bicep are generally the least painful places on the body to get a tattoo, but everyone is different. The skin in that area is much more dense, so places that have similarly dense skin are also less painful. Some places like the calves are fairly dense and are well away from any bones, but sometimes those areas have a harder time healing if not well tended. Any areas with thin skin and bone directly underneath, like the breast plate or ribs, will most certainly be painful. On the other hand, fleshy, fatty areas like the breast, thighs or buttocks will tend to be less painful. Again, each person is built differently, so pain is subjective.

Most people can agree that the arm is the least painful place to get a tattoo. This is because the arm has a lot of muscle over the bones which tend to absorb the pain of a tattooing needle much better. The places that are more likely to cause a lot of pain are zones with high concentrations of nerves, like erogenous zones. Those areas, such as the ankles, have very little muscle or fat and more exposure to bones.

Some areas that are notoriously painful for tattoo placement, such as the ribcage, are chosen on purpose by people with a lot of tattoo experience. If you are getting your first tattoo and you are not comfortable with the idea of pain, try getting a tattoo on a more fleshy spot like your leg or arm. In any case, when deciding where the tattoo should be, it’s best to think about how great the art will look when it’s finished and forget about how much it will hurt.

Many factors contribute to the pain caused by getting a tattoo, but normally the less sensitive the skin is, the less the tattoo will hurt. Those who get tattoos usually describe the process as irritating, like a million repeated pin pricks in the same spot. When it comes to pain, those who have gotten a tattoo tend to agree that the less sensitive areas are the ones that are typically exposed to more external elements.

Another factor that will dictate the pain you receive from your tattoo is the artist’s touch. Some are so graceful when giving a tattoo that you will hardly know you were touched, but some are so heavy-handed that they will make your pain unduly intense.

What one person finds excruciating will merely be annoying to another. The level of pain experienced depends greatly on individual pain tolerance, which varies from person to person. Some people are just more sensitive to pain than others.

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